Garage Door Springs


While garage door springs are small pieces of hardware, they're vital to how your door operates. If you have broken garage door springs, replacement is your only option. garage springs are our specialty. Overhead King Garage Door handles garage door spring replacements BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS AND GARAGE DOOR REPAIR for clients in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas who have any make or model of garage door. Call 800-319-5520 now for a free estimate on a garage door spring replacement.

Gastonia Garage door repair, Overhead Door Gastonia NC
Gastonia Garage Door Repair, Overhead Door Gastonia NC


DON'T IGNORE THESE 4 WARNING SIGNS OF A BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRING: The door is off-track, crooked or misaligned The garage door springs cables are dangling down The garage door spring repair charlotte is broken and separated The garage door opens a few inches and then slams back down


Our garage door spings are one of the most important components of your broken garage door spring operating system as they are the ones that do the majority of the heavy lifting. It is important that your garage door springs are operating to prevent further damage. If your broken garage door spring are not in the best condition you may begin to experience issues with many of your garage operating functionalities. you may began to hear sounds ands creaks come when operating it manual or by the opener system. Ask yourself, Do I really want to go through the pain and struggle when my broken garage door spring comes to show its ugly face, well NO! you can take action right here right now by calling Overhead King Garage door today. Don't let broken garage door springs have you down and out. we can help we are Torsion spring professionals. Its what we do!


Charlotte NC Garage door spring Repair and replacement. North Carolina’s best overhead door Charlotte company. Broken Charlotte garage door springs repair and replacement are common to happen to overhead garage doors throughout the years. We have seen here at Overhead king garage door replacement of garage springs local residential homes. Commercial properties may often rely on overhead door Charlotte for their number one vendor for local overhead and roll up garage doors.

If you’ve been searching for “garage door companies near me” for your overhead door repair, replacement or service in Mecklenburg County, look no further than Overhead King Garage Door It’s frustrating when your garage door isn’t working right. Your BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRING specialist. You can turn to our garage door repair service for help with…
With garage door roller repairs, we’ll get your roller back on track.
If your remote control is on the fritz, we’ll make sure it syncs back up.
Resets. When your new garage door springs or torsion springs are off balance, we’ll reset them. BROKEN GARAGE DOOR SPRING REPLACEMENT are no test for us. For over 12 years now we garage door spring repair and have been replacing “broken garage door spring”

Your overhead garage door Fort Mill SC will run smoothly after we’ve finished the garage door repair job. Call 800-319-5520 now for a free estimate on a garage door repair project.

When your overhead garage door is in consistent use, you’ll eventually run into some operational issues. Overhead King Garage Door can troubleshoot your problems and provide expert garage door repair services. need a “garage door remote” some may call it a “garage door clicker” we have them.

Homeowners in Charlotte, NC or Mooreseville NC or surrounding areas can trust us to figure out any  broken garage door spring labor and parts needed to make sure their garage door is working properly again. Take advantage of our garage door roller repairs and more today.


How to handle a Broken Garage Door Spring.

Having a broken spring on your overhead garage door can be frustrating. If your currently in a situation where your broken Spring has caused you to be trapped in the garage. We are truly sorry about that! The bright side is your just one phone call away from overcoming that broken spring on your overhead door.  

so you’ve come out early morning to warm your vehicle up that’s parked in your overhead garage that you love so much. you log to press the button on the wall of your garage door opener wall unit and the door only raises about a foot. that’s a sign of a overhead broken spring on your garage door. No Problem cause your only one cal away from the professionals at Overhead King Garage Door.

Unfortunately having a garage broken spring will prevent the overhead garage door from operating properly. Using the garage motor or sometimes called overhead opener will most likely fail do to the added wight of the overhead garage door from the garage broken spring.

First things first, try to determine why your door won’t open. There are several common reasons why your garage door wont open or close, some of which won’t require a call to a garage door spring repair company.

There are two main ways to know you have a spring problem:


  1. Your overhead garage opener motor is working but the door isn’t moving, or you may hear the opener straining to lift the door.
  2. You hear a loud pop like a firecracker. That was the garage spring breaking, and it was probably the most exciting part of your day.


As professionals in the industry, we advise you do not attempt to open your garage door if the spring is broken. A quick explanation of doors and springs will help explain why.

Your door is equipped with two kinds of springs:


  • Extension springs on either side of the door, along the rails, help counterbalance the weight of the door as it is raised or lowered.
  • Torsion springs across the top of the door help do the heavy lifting.


Overhead Garage doors are generally made from wood or metal; they can weigh in the area of 500 pounds or so. If one or more of the springs is broken, you will be lifting that weight all on your own.